Onboardvision have been permanently installing systems into clients race cars for some time. As part of this service we will supply and install all of the equipment necessary to create a permanent installation.

Some of our clients have more than one race car and a few have opted to have the cameras, GPS antenna, microphone and power supply permanently installed in to each car. In this was the client need only buy one Video Vbox and then transfer the recording unit from car to car. We are however more than happy to install full systems in to all of the cars if that is preferred.

This service is offered at the clients location or at the storage location of the vehicle. We do not offer this permanent installation service at test sessions as there is not sufficient time in-between sessions to properly install the equipment, or the installation impacts on the time available on circuit. (we have tried it and it is too difficult to get a good balance between quality in the installation and time on track)

Prices for this service depend on how far we have to travel to each location, but the service is offered throughout the UK.

Please contact us for a quotation for the supply of your Video Vbox system including installation.


Typical FUN CUP installation

Installation in a Lotus Ford Cortina Mk 1

Installation in a Radical SR3 

Installation in a MAZDA MX5 

Installation in a Ferrari 458 Challenge

Installation Service


Video Vbox System