Onboardvision has been trading since 2009. Through this time we have perfected our service live at race tracks and many other venues. We have participated in “arrive drive” events where we have supplied and installed all of the video data loggers. We have also been selected by BMW, FORD, VOLVO, TOYOTA, VAUXHALL, LEXUS, MCLAREN, AUDI, FERRARI and other manufacturers to provide in-car video systems for launch and press events.  For more information regarding the above please click the “New Vehicle Launch service” button above

For 2014 we have changed the way we operate our rental business. We will no longer be attending a track day on an “ad hoc” basis. We will attend only by appointment. This new approach has allowed us to streamline how we operate our “Mail Order Video Vbox Service”.

Our Video Vbox hire costs have been reduced significantly to make multiple day hire more affordable for the enthusiast. If you’re going to a track day in the UK or the Nürburgring in Germany, you now have the opportunity to hire a Video Vbox system for longer periods for less.

If video with data is your thing and having a video with no data is not hitting the mark, then you will be delighted by the capabilities of the Video Vbox system. Better still, when used in conjunction with the much heralded Racelogic Circuit Tools Software (free to users), it will prove invaluable in helping you understand where you can improve your driving on track, let alone reviewing the HQ video and awesome sound quality.

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